Arts Centre Melbourne had a problem – lack of clarity around their programming of venues, coupled with an identity issue.

ACM publish a On guide which would come out every 4-6months which was confusing, overwhelming, no clarity of information, and we were tasked with completely overhauling the guide.

The solution took a few different angles: change the structure, change the tone of voice and change the visual design.

The final outcome involved turning the guide from a 4-6month guide to a 2 month guide- reducing the physical size/thickness, and how busy and overwhelming it was. An ‘event matrix’ was created, so everything could be categorised into 1 of 6 categories, and simplifying the language. The tone of voice was changed- inclusion of an ‘our picks’ from the editor style section – to create a dialogue between the user and the arts centre, we developed smart simple icons to make Arts centre feel fresh, modern and most importantly relevant.

Arts Centre Melbourne ‘On Guide’ redevelopment

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