We Not Me is a peer influenced digital campaign creator and monitor to help decide what is relevant and important, by harnessing the power of the worlds biggest social media networks. Anyone with an idea can start a new campaign (either on a local, national or international level), and are given social targets to hit, which involve achieving a certain amount of shares, likes, followers, retweets, regrams as well as building an email subscriber database.

The progress of the campaign is then tracked, and we are given tools and templates to share within our networks and encourage our networks to in turn share with their networks.

Leaders & organisations also ‘follow’ campaigns, and when targets are hit they then have the opportunity to turn them into active projects, and/or adopt them as talking point for forums and summits, with the knowledge that they have community support.

Major project worked on while completing the Industry Mentors program at Tractor Design School, and awarded a scholarship upon completion.


We Not Me Digital campaign

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